Before you arrive at USC, you must
take your Math Placement Test.

The Math Placement Test is required of all incoming first-year students of the university. The Math Placement Test is delivered online, and you should take it in your home country. This exam will determine which math course you are placed in, so it is very important that the result be an accurate reflection of your math skills. If you are placed above your abilities in a course which is too hard for you, you will likely get a bad grade and have difficulty progressing into your degree program.

Exam Details

You will have 90 minutes to take the test; the sooner you take the test, the
sooner you will be able to know which math class you will take this semester.

Decide which test you need to take.

 PreCalculus Math Placement Test
If your major is in one of the following fields, take the PreCalculus Math Placement Test.

  1. Science
  2. Math
  3. Engineering
PreCalculus Math Placement Test
 Algebra Math Placement Test
If your major is in one of the following fields, take the Algebra Math Placement Test.

  1. Business
  2. Arts
  3. Humanities
Algebra Math Placement Test

You should have received an email instructing you on which test to take. If
you have any questions about taking your math placement test, please email Please, do not wait to take the test.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I get someone to help me?

A: It is important that you do the test on your own and follow the
instructions. You need to take a class that is suitable for your level.

Q: What if I get a low score?

A: You will be placed into a class based on your score. You can take the test again if you think you could do better.

Q: Can I take the test more than once?

A: Yes. You must wait a week before taking the test again; you can take the
test up to three times. Your placement will be based on your most recent

Q: If I get a low score, will this make it difficult to progress in my major?

A: No. We have pathways for all levels. It’s really important to be placed in the right level for you.