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USC IAP Students Take on Halloween!


Our USC IAP students got in the Halloween spirit with a pumpkin carving event right on campus, a haunted house inside the Russell House University Union and even a trip out to the Clinton Sease Farm for a corn maze adventure and hayride!

How long does it take to find your way through an 8-acre corn maze? Fifteen minutes? Forty-five minutes? An hour? Try an hour and a half! This year’s corn maze celebrated the 150th Anniversary of the End of the Civil War so students had a chance to learn a little American history during their adventure!


To cap the night off, farm-owner Clinton Sease took the students on a hayride tour of the farm by pulling them on his tractor!


Take a look at some of the pictures below!

Pumpkin carving in action!

Vietnamese student, Anh Hoang, and her IAP pumpkin!

Bolin (Bobby) Xiong showing off his impressive pumpkin carving skills!

USC IAP students Ke (C.K.) Chen and Yi (Sirius) Xin with Student Services Director, Jason Vokral, inside the corn maze!


USC IAP students on the hayride! During their ride they even saw the farm owner feed the cows!


Things got a bit chilly on the farm!


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