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USC IAP Students Take on an American Potluck!


In America, a great way to bring friends, family and community members together is by having a potluck! At a potluck, everyone brings their own dish to be shared with the group and it gives everyone a chance to taste a sampling of everything!

Here at the USC International Accelerator Program, we decided to have an International Potluck to kick off our International Student Service’s “Culture Shock Workshop” presentation to help our students adjust to their new lives in America. Students were encouraged to bring their favorite dishes from their home countries and it’s safe to say our USC IAP students were prepared to show off their cooking skills! If you weren’t hungry before you started reading this, you sure will be by the end!


Take a look at some of the delicious pictures below!

Representing Vietnam: a traditional com chay with pork and shrimp!

Representing Nigeria: (from left to right) traditional “puff puff” or (kpof kpof), bean pudding with eggs and corned beef and beef and chicken Kabobs!

From China: traditional congee (rice porridge) with preserved egg and homemade dumplings!

Representing the United Arab Emirates: traditional Al Kabsa (chicken and rice)!


Representing China: shrimp rice with vegetables!


Egyptian koshary (a traditional dish of macaroni, rice and lentils with a tomato sauce) and Italian pasta with red and white sauce!


Representing China: a traditional eggplant dish with brown sauce (served with and without pork)!


Students and staff munched on tomato pies (traditional to the Southern United States), American bean dip, a potluck classic of potato salad and even lasagna!


Representing France: a classic French apple dessert!


No potluck is complete without some freshly baked cookies!


USC IAP students chowing down on their international cuisine!


USC IAP students chowing down on their international cuisine!


A special thanks to all the students who shared their dishes with us! Did you attend the International Potluck? Comment below and tell us what your favorite dish was! And be sure to check out our Instagram below to see more pictures of student life in the International Accelerator Program!

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