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USC IAP Global Navigator Mentoring Program

This spring, the USC International Accelerator Program is launching an innovative approach to preparing students for a successful experience and arrival on campus through our Global Navigator Mentoring Program.

The program will prepare all incoming USC IAP fall 2016 students by pairing each of them with a “global navigator” or mentor through a new virtual platform. They will be assigned a navigator shortly after paying a deposit, and most of the ‘work’ will be done pre-arrival on campus. We believe this relationship will make the transition to a new country and university far easier.

Global Navigators will either be students who have already completed their first year in the USC IAP or current USC students or recent alumni with international experience and/or passion. With weekly one-to-one sessions online (offered also in the students’ native language!) Global Navigators will mentor our incoming students and prepare them to successfully navigate their way into the Gamecock community with topics covering:

  • Expectations and goals of university life (How is the American educational system different from the system in their home country?)
  • An introduction to the local South Carolina and university culture (What exactly is “Southern hospitality” and what in the world is a “Gamecock”?)
  • Logistical pre-arrival tasks that all incoming students need to complete (Do I really need to take that math placement test?).

Before our new students even step foot on the USC campus, they’ll be more prepared for life in a new country with a new culture and new friends. Mentors and mentees will even have the opportunity to meet each other in person during orientation week to continue the mentorship and friendship, if they so choose. Keeping in mind language abilities, mentors and incoming students will be matched based on any shared interests and experiences. Be sure to stay tuned in the following months to see how the Global Navigator Mentoring Program is going! 


Interested in learning what our new Global Navigators will be doing? Watch this quick video to learn more!

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