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The USC IAP Welcomes 28 New Gamecocks to Campus!


This January, the USC International Accelerator Program (IAP) welcomed another intake of students from China, India, Vietnam, the United Arab Emirates, Japan and Saudi Arabia! The 28 new Gamecocks spent several days staying busy with orientation activities such as moving in to their new dorms, getting their Carolina Card student IDs, taking academic placement tests, registering for classes, touring campus, going on a much needed shopping trip and more! This new intake of students represent three new countries for the program: Japan, Saudi Arabia and Colombia! Check out some of those activities below!

All of the new USC IAP students receive linen packs for their new dorm rooms!


During orientation week, students often grab a quick breakfast before activities such as English language testing! Despite the long day ahead, students were all smiles throughout the week!



During the short week, students attend presentations to learn about the Student Services team, what they do and how they’ll help students throughout their first year. Students also get a sneak peak of the fun events and activities they’ll have the opportunity to participate in throughout the year!


To get students moving in between presentations and testing, the Student Services team led engaging icebreakers to help students relax and get to know each other better. Popular games throughout the week included “Common Ground” (as shown above) and “Two Truths and a Lie“.


Unique to the USC IAP, during orientation students attend a “Sync Like A Boss” (SLAB) session to help them sync their school email to their cell phones and input their new class schedules into their calendars. By doing this, students will always be connected to the important communication they receive via email and won’t forget important events like classes and breaks! After orientation, new USC IAP students are officially “Synced Like A Boss!”


Orientation wouldn’t be complete without a Welcome Dinner Party at the Top of Carolina, South Carolina’s only revolving restaurant that sits atop one of USC’s on-campus dorms! Check out the pictures below!



The USC IAP team is so happy to welcome all the new Gamecocks to campus! We can’t wait to see all they accomplish in their first year at the University of South Carolina!

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