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The USC IAP Celebrates Another Progression Ceremony!


The end of the academic semester always marks a celebratory time for the USC International Accelerator Program (IAP) students and staff. Not only does it mean that classes are over, finals complete and often the opportunity to travel back home to see family and friends! But, it also signals a time for a new cohort of USC IAP students to progress on to their sophomore year at the university!

On December 1, 2016, the USC IAP family celebrated another Progression Ceremony for students who enrolled in the Spring 2016 and Summer 2016 cohorts. For the first time in program history, the USC IAP also had the chance to celebrate the progression of the first cohort of students who enrolled during Fall 2015 in the Pre-Sessional English Program. For these students, when they arrived in August 2015, they enrolled in English language classes with the university’s English Programs for Internationals and focused only on improving their English language skills before embarking on their freshman year in the International Accelerator Program.

All the students who progressed this semester demonstrated the skills and requirements needed to complete their academic program to successfully continue on their path toward graduating as University of South Carolina alumni! In this manner, the USC IAP family likes to take the time to recognize all their hard work and the dedication they have put in to successfully growing not only academically, but also personally!

After all, the USC IAP family has the special opportunity to accompany these international students on their journey from the moment they arrive on campus and settle into their dorms, all while assisting and advising them through their academic, social and personal transition to life in the United States.


During the ceremony, Dr. Allen Miller, Vice Provost and Director of Global Carolina, commended the students on all their accomplishments. He also took the time to ask each student what their favorite memory from their first year at the university was. Students mentioned everything from making new friends to seeing the Gamecock football team play at Williams-Brice Stadium to going on a field trip to see an NBA game in Charlotte, NC. One USC IAP student, Liwei Huang, remarked that his favorite memory was “getting pizza with my classmates and instructor Tiffany” from his English for Academic Purposes summer class. The reminiscing continued as the group heard from two of their fellow classmates, Rohan Bhandari from India and Bolin Xiong from China.


Everyone’s been there for me—Dr. Warren, Tonya, Angi, all of y’all—you’ve always been there for me…I don’t have any words to express how thankful I am for you providing me all of this, so thank you!” remarked Rohan.


Bolin, who goes by Bobby, reminisced on his journey as a Pre-Sessional English student who began with the USC IAP by focusing solely on his English language skills. “I still remember when I first arrived here and I was too scared to communicate with other foreigners in English because of my accent and because my English was so poor…but I’ve really improved a lot!


From all of us here at the USC International Accelerator Program, congratulations to all students who progressed! Keep up the hard work and know that the USC IAP family is always here to help you!

Listen to Rohan and Bolin’s full speeches below!

Rohan Bhandari, India


Bolin Xiong, China


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