Thinking about studying in the United States?

Hear why these international students chose the University of South Carolina and what their experience is like so far.

Girik, India
Major: Management

Beautiful scenery and amazing people. That’s what comes to Girik’s mind when he thinks of the University of South Carolina. Living at the Maxcy International House, Girik has made friends from all over the world. They study, eat and explore campus together!

Thuy, Vietnam
Major: Mass Communications

Thuy spent her childhood watching Disney and dreaming of going to college in the U.S. Years later, her dream has become a reality at the University of South Carolina! Thuy’s advice for freshmen is to open up and be yourself. With the encouragement of her advisor, Joanna, Thuy has had an outstanding year making friends, getting involved and serving in her dorm’s hall government.

Alberto image

Alberto, Colombia

Major: Business

"My first impression was that it (USC) is a huge college, but at the same it time it felt like I was inside a family. People are really kind here and the environment makes you feel at home."

Vy image

Vy, Vietnam

Major: Management

"My advice for students who want to study in the U.S. is don't be shy and just be yourself."

Evan image

Evan, China

Major: Economics

Listen to Evan speak about his experience at USC in his native language.

Andrea image

Andrea, Nigeria

Major: Civil Engineering

"The IAP staff were my first friends when I got here—basically my family. They are always here to listen to us and comfort us."

Whatever you want to do [at USC], there are people whose job it is to make whatever goal you have come true while helping you through the process."

Andre, Mexico

One of the things that has helped me the most during my transition to the university has been the IAP advisors – they are so nice and helpful."

Abigail, Indonesia

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