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Student Spotlight: Yaser Alsaadi


What’s it like to be a student in the International Accelerator Program here at USC? Take a look at this Student Spotlight to see for yourself!

Name: Yaser Alsaadi
Home City and Country: United Arab Emirates
Year: Freshman
Major: Chemical Engineering
Fun Facts:  (1) I have 21 siblings. (2) My biggest secret is that I’m scared of clowns. (3) I almost caused a fire in my dorm room three times because I forgot food in the oven!


Click on the image below or continue reading to see what Yaser has to say about his experience in the USC International Accelerator Program!


Why USC?

When I first arrived, the beauty of Columbia, South Carolina took my breath away. I loved how alive the place felt with greenery everywhere and perfect weather. USC has so much to offer students—so many places to chill or study, like the Horseshoe and Thomas Cooper Library, and so many different clubs that fit my adventurous personality.


USC IAP Experience

The International Accelerator Program staff take very good care of everyone from the moment you arrive. They had someone waiting for me at the airport, they helped me settle in to my new dorm room, they helped me with all my documents and even helped me to meet other students from the United Arab Emirates. Throughout the year, they arrange activities, workshops and trips for us which help us learn how to better adjust to U.S. culture. I couldn’t be happier since coming to USC—I am living my college dream!


Campus Life

Students participate in all sorts of university-related activities and clubs. My plan is to join all the ‘adventure’ clubs that USC offers. This spring I joined the Airsoft Club and last fall I was a part of the USC Skydiving Team—and yes, we did jump out of planes! By joining these clubs I’ve gotten more involved on campus with people who enjoy things I do.


One Last Thought…

“I love my room in the East Quad dormitory because it’s big and has a nice view of the courtyard. I have three American roommates and we have so much fun together. People here are nice so making friends is easy. I have friends who are American, Chinese, Indian, Arab and more.”


Check out some more pictures of Yaser and his USC IAP friends!

Yaser Alsaadi (left) with Abdulraham Al Daheri and Rashed Alyammahi at SCarowinds Amusement Park.


Yaser Alsaadi (left) with other USC IAP students at the IAP International Potluck.


Yaser Alsaadi skydiving!

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