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Student Spotlight: Vaibhav Agrawal


What’s it like to be a student in the International Accelerator Program here at USC? Take a look at this Student Spotlight to see for yourself!

Name: Vaibhav Agrawal
Home Country: India
Year: Freshman
Major: Civil Engineering
Fun Facts:  I like playing badminton. Back in India I won a gold medal in my Inter house School Competition. But here in America badminton isn’t as popular — they like American football. Instead, we’ll play racquetball or squash since they’re similar racket sports.


Click on the image below or continue reading to see what Vaihbav has to say about his experience in the USC International Accelerator Program!


Why USC?

The University of South Carolina is a highly-ranked public university in the United States with really good infrastructure and high-quality faculty, particularly in my interest areas like civil, mechanical and structural engineering. The campus is beautiful. It’s a really pleasant environment and a quiet place that provides a good study environment. You can really excel in your studies here.


USC IAP Experience

The International Accelerator Program (IAP) staff are really helpful, polite and sweet. When you go to other countries you usually experience culture shock, but here everyone’s so lovely it makes it easy to adjust to the culture. The IAP staff has helped me a lot and continues to motivate me.


New Friendships

Through the International Accelerator Program, I’ve made a lot of friends because I’ve interacted with so many international students. I’ve already made a really big group of friends. My advice? Just keep making new friends, keep interacting with them and you’ll do very well. I meet new people through my classes, in my dormitory, and when I go to tutoring sessions, and through USC Polo.


One Last Thought…

“The people here in Columbia are some of the most polite and helpful people. That’s the best part of this place. Here people will hold the door open for you. Even when you make eye contact with strangers they’ll give you a smile.”


Check out some more pictures of Vaibhav and his USC IAP friends!

Vaibhav Agrawal (left) with USC IAP students at President Harris Pastides’ reception for international students.


Vaibhav Agrawal (second from right) with other USC IAP students at Charlotte Hornets NBA game.


Vaibhav Agrawal with the 2015 fall intake of USC International Accelerator Program students during orientation week!


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