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Student Spotlight: Shanshan Zhang


What’s it like to be a student in the International Accelerator Program here at USC? Take a look at this Student Spotlight to see for yourself!

Name: Shanshan Zhang
Country of Citizenship: China
Year: Freshman
Major: Accounting

 Click on the image below or continue reading to see what Shanshan has to say about her experience in the USC International Accelerator Program!

Why USC?

One reason I decided to come to the University of South Carolina (USC) was because of the climate—it’s very suitable for me because it’s like the climate in my hometown in the South of China. Also, the city is very safe and the people are nice so it’s very suitable to live and learn here. I also like the study atmosphere. In China, we don’t like to ask professors questions and we don’t have a lot of discussion. But here, we can ask the professors questions anytime, we have more time to discuss topics with our classmates and we have more chances to share our own opinions. I think that’s very beneficial and I’m learning more in my classes because of that.


USC IAP Experience

In the USC International Accelerator Program (IAP), my advisor, Joanna, helps me a lot. I think she’s like a big sister! Every time I have questions or feel puzzled and don’t know what to do, I find Joanna and talk with her. She’s very helpful and very patient to answer any questions that I may have.


Learning and Practicing English

Here at USC, I can learn English much faster because I am learning English by being around so many Americans. At some universities, there are so many Chinese students that they stick together and do everything with each other. When you do this, you don’t have as much of a chance to learn English. But I think our campus is very good for learning English quickly!


One Last Thought…

One of my favorite memories was during the first week of classes during the student organization fair. I learned all about the many, many clubs I could join and I ended up joining the ‘PAALS’ club. We train service dogs so the dogs can go on to help disabled people. It’s a very nice club because I know that I can help others through training the dogs!


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