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Student Spotlight: Khalid Abdulla


What’s it like to be a student in the International Accelerator Program here at USC? Take a look at this Student Spotlight to see for yourself!

Name:  Khalid Abdulla
Home Country: United Arab Emirates
Year: Freshman
Major: Chemical Engineering 
Fun Facts:  I love studying and I especially like playing video games!


Click on the image below or continue reading to see what Khalid has to say about his experience in the USC International Accelerator Program!


Why USC?

Since I was little, my passion has always been chemical engineering and I have always wanted to study abroad in the United States so I could learn more about American culture and experience the university life. After looking for universities with strong chemical engineering programs, I found the University of South Carolina (USC), which is one of the top universities in the US, and I knew I wanted to apply. I’m really so happy about coming to USC because I couldn’t see myself anywhere else!


USC IAP Experience

The staff in the USC International Accelerator Program (IAP) have helped me a lot. When I arrived on campus I didn’t know what to do, where to go or where my classes were. During orientation they helped us get to know the campus by showing us where our classes would be as well as university amenities like the on-campus restaurants, the gyms are and all the buildings – actually, orientation has probably been my favorite memory since coming to USC. The IAP staff also plan a lot of events for us throughout the year. I’m trying to go to as many as I can, including an outing to the Soda City Market in downtown Columbia and a trip to watch an international soccer match in Charlotte, NC!


Campus Involvement

Since coming to USC, I’ve made a lot of friends and met a lot of international students. During orientation, I met several people from the United Arab Emirates. As soon as we found out we were all from the same country, we immediately became best friends. Since some of my roommates are from the United States, I’ve also made friends with domestic students – it’s awesome being able to learn about their culture from them. Getting involved on campus has helped me meet new people too. I’m part of the eSport club where we play video games together and the engineering club where we participate in meetings and solve engineering problems.


One Last Thought…

The university is a very safe place. Wherever I walk, I always see a campus police officer and the university also has emergency call boxes all over campus – literally everywhere! The call boxes have buttons on them that immediately connect you with the USC police. I’ve always felt safe here on campus.


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