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Student Spotlight: Anh Hoang


What’s it like to be a student in the International Accelerator Program here at USC? Take a look at this Student Spotlight to see for yourself!

Name: Anh Hoang
Country of Citizenship: Haiphong, Vietnam
Year: Freshman
Major: Public Health
Fun Facts: I’m afraid of ants. I also love to cook and I love beef noodles, a common Vietnamese food.


Click on the image below or continue reading to see what Anh has to say about her experience in the USC International Accelerator Program!


Why USC?

I wanted to study at the University of South Carolina because of their high ranking and their strong public health program. Studying abroad in America has been my dream for a long time, so when I found out about their International Accelerator Program, which is specifically for international students, I knew I wanted to apply. After receiving my acceptance letter, I knew my dream had finally come true.


USC IAP Experience

Even though I was happy to be admitted to the USC International Accelerator Program (IAP), I was sad that I had to leave my family and friends in Vietnam. But once I arrived on campus and started opening up and talking with others, I started to make new friends. Thanks to the help, attention and comfort provided by the IAP staff, I have already integrated into campus life at USC. I know this was the right choice for me because I feel more empowered, outgoing and confident, and I’m excited to be here!


Culture Dinner Series

This past semester, the IAP hosted a Culture Dinner Series in the East Quad dormitory. Each month a different nationality would host a dinner and teach us about their culture and their country. During the Vietnam night, I introduced Vietnamese culture to my new domestic and international friends and even had the opportunity to cook Vietnamese food for them!


One Last Thought…

Since coming to USC, I’ve celebrated my first Halloween and Thanksgiving holidays! I have met people from all around the world and learned about so many different cultures. We don’t just hang out; we also study and work together to adapt to this new chapter of our lives. I can now say I’ve found my home away from home!


Check out more pictures of Anh below!

Picture.jpg Anh (left) with friends Lu Wan and Xin Guan at Carowinds Amusement Park.


image4_Cropped.jpgAnh  getting in the Halloween spirit by carving a pumpkin on campus!

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