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Student Spotlight: Andrea Ogunleye


What’s it like to be a student in the International Accelerator Program here at USC? Take a look at this Student Spotlight to see for yourself!

Name: Andrea Ogunleye
Country of Citizenship: Nigeria
Year: Freshman
Major: Civil Engineering

Click on the image below or continue reading to see what Andrea has to say about her experience in the USC International Accelerator Program!

Why USC?

One of the biggest reasons I decided to come to the University of South Carolina (USC), was because of the town. Columbia is a small city so it’s very homey. I also like the campus—as soon as I arrived it felt very vibrant and full of people. And the people are really, really nice. I really appreciate the fact that they genuinely want to know more about you and learn more about culture. If you’re looking to go to a university and you know you want to focus and you know you want to come and have fun with people who genuinely become like family, then come to USC and you’ll find that.


USC IAP Experience

I’m always in the International Accelerator Program (IAP) offices and I think that reflects how much help I get from the IAP staff. I’m always getting help from my advisor with my studies, with my essays and I’m even just here to talk. It’s friendship and it’s academics. It’s helpful that there are people here to help arrange your first year at USC. It’s easy to get overwhelmed with everything, but just knowing there are people in the IAP you can always have a conversation with is so nice. I’m so happy about the IAP staff because they’re like rock stars!


My Favorite Class

My favorite class would be my structural engineering class. My professor is the bomb; he’s so cool! Engineering is tough, but as soon as you get into his class he makes you feel comfortable. The reports and problems we have to solve in the class are actual issues at the university. The last one we worked on was solving a parking problem. We planned an entire parking lot, made the measurements and solved for everything. It’s a great experience because we’re working on real-world problems!


One Last Thought…

The people I’ve met here at USC are really cool and they’ve helped me so much in my faith. I hang out a lot with domestic students I’ve met through Campus Ministries. There’s always something to do with them like small groups, meetings and we even get dinner together. It’s nice to surround yourself with people who share the same ideas. The fact that I came here and I met so many people who were willing to share that faith and have that family, I’m definitely really happy about that.


Want to see what else Andrea has to say? Check out her video below!

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