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Meet the Team: Tonya Creamer

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Want to know more about the International Accelerator Program team here at USC? Take a listen to what our Career Accelerator Program Advisor, Tonya Creamer, has to say about her job, the city of Columbia and what you’ll see her doing on campus!

Tonya Creamer
Hometown: Allen, Kansas, USA
Countries she has visited: Canada, Costa Rica, Haiti and Mexico
Languages she is fluent in: English, French and Spanish (although, I’m very rusty in the last two). I’m also learning Chinese, albeit very slowly!
International Experience: In various roles, I have worked with international students  from over 100 countries during the last 20 years. Through my interactions with all these students, I feel like they have all brought the world to me.
Favorite hidden (or not so hidden) place in Columbia: Lake Murray at sunset while watching the Purple Martins return to roost on Bomb Island.
Fun Facts: I have served as a volunteer fire fighter, I have lived in a tepee and I’m a singer/songwriter recording artist.


Meet the Team: Tonya Creamer

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