Meet the Team

Meet the Team: Lauren Buckingham


Want to know more about the International Accelerator Program team here at USC? Check out what our Marketing Coordinator, Lauren Buckingham has to say about her job, the university and how she’ll help you decide why USC is the school for you!

Name: Lauren Buckingham

Hometown: Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA

Favorite Country Visited: South Africa

International Experience: During my undergraduate studies at the University of South Carolina I had the opportunity to study abroad in Cape Town, South Africa. After taking extensive service leadership classes, I spent time teaching at a local elementary school and traveling around the country.

Favorite hidden (or not so hidden) place in Columbia: I will go anywhere I can take my dog, which normally includes Curiosity Coffee Bar, the Soda City Famers Market, and Jake’s on Devine.

Fun Facts: I’ve been cage diving with Great White Sharks!

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