Become a Leader in Business and Technology

Follow your own path with this one-year experiential learning engineering degree. The Master of Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurial Engineering engages students with prospective industry participants through hands-on applications and validation of technology and business concepts.

Although the degree is awarded by the College of Engineering and Computing, this program allows students to take classes both in the College of Engineering and the Darla Moore School of Business so they may become leaders in both engineering and business.

Personalize your experience by choosing one of three project paths:
1. Focus on your own startup idea through National Science Foundation funded Innovation Corps Site program
2. Engage in a faculty-developed project on campus
3. Gain experience in innovation within a company as an intern

Admission Requirements

Direct Admission Advanced Master’s Accelerator

(1 semesters)

Pre-Sessional English

(duration varies)

GPA 3.0 3.0 3.0
IELTSTM 6.5 (no sub-score below 6.0) 6.0 (no sub-score below 5.5) 4.5
TOEFL® 80 (no sub-score below 18) 74 (no sub-score below 16) 50
GRE Required No No No
Qualifying Undergraduate Degrees Four-year undergraduate degree, or equivalent in any Engineering discipline, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Information Technology, Pharmacy or Health Sciences from an accredited university.
Additional Requirements
Students must have successfully passed Calculus I, Calculus II, Calculus III and Differential Equations.
Students must have a 3.0 equivalent in all math courses taken. Students must have a 3.0 equivalent in all math courses taken.
Available Entry  Fall or Spring Fall or Spring Fall, Summer, or Spring
Sample Coursework
Experience classes in both the College of Engineering and Computing and the highly-ranked Darla Moore School of Business

  • Business and Legal Issues for Science Managers
  • Computer Aided Manufacturing and Prototyping
  • Innovation and New Venture Analysis

Progression Details (MS in Technology Innovation and Entrepreneurial Engineering)

Direct Admission Advanced Master’s Accelerator

(1 semester)

Pre-Sessional English

(duration varies)

Credits Earned Towards Degree 12 6 0
Progression Requirements Not applicable – student is already enrolled in degree program. 3.0 GPA with no degree course grade lower than a B. Successful completion of English language courses, Professional Development and Analytical Skills workshops, seminars and modules Successful completion of all Pre-Sessional English Program course content and approval from the Master’s Accelerator team.

Total credits required for degree: 30

Tuition Costs

All prices are listed in U.S. dollars.

Direct Admission Advanced Master’s Accelerator
1 semester
Total tuition cost $17,400 $16,950
Note: Costs above are estimates per semester based on current tuition and fees and anticipated increases. Actual costs may vary and are subject to annual changes.


Enroll in the Pre-Sessional English Program. Classes are designed to improve students’ comprehension and ability to take rigorous academic courses in the English language.

Estimated tuition and fees: $6,500*
(based on a duration of 17 weeks)

Ready to manage your future?

As a leader in engineering, you need the skills and experience to make smart decisions. The next career choice you make can be the start of many smart decisions to come, thanks to what you learn in the MTIEE program.