A Top 50 Chemical Engineering Program

U.S. News & World Report ranks the University of South Carolina's Chemical Engineering Program as one of the best in the country. The program also ranks 14th nationally in federally funded chemical research and development, according to the National Science Foundation.

Areas of study include:

  • Oil, gas, solar, wind and other energy

  • Advanced materials and specialty chemicals

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Biotechnology

  • Food processing

  • Environmental health and safety

  • Microelectronics

Students have the option of either an ME (Master of Engineering) or MS (Master of Science) degree. Pursuing an MS degree requires completing a thesis.

Accelerator Admission Details

Direct Master’s Accelerator Advanced Master’s Accelerator Pre-Sessional English
GPA 3.0 3.0 3.0
IELTSTM 6.5 (no sub-score below 6.0) 6.0 (no sub-score below 5.5) 4.5
TOEFL® 80 (no sub-score below 18) 74 (no sub-score below 16) 50
GRE Required Yes

Must have minimum scores of:
Verbal: 150
Quantitative: 153
Composite: 305
Analytical Writing: 3.0

No No
Qualifying Undergraduate Degrees Four-year undergraduate degree or equivalent in chemical engineering from an accredited university.
Additional Requirements Students must have successfully passed Calculus I, Calculus II, Calculus III, Differential Equations and Linear Algebra. 
Available Entry Fall or Spring Fall or Spring Fall, Summer or Spring
Sample Coursework
  • Engineering Analysis; 3 degree credits; Closed.
  • Advanced Chemical Engineering
  • Thermodynamics
  • Advanced Fluid Flow Analysis
  • Advanced Mass Transfer
  • Chemical Process Analysis

Note: “Closed” is a course students will take with their designated MAP cohort of international students. The course is not open to domestic students.

Progression Details
(ME or MS in Chemical Engineering)

Direct Master’s Accelerator Advanced Master’s Accelerator Pre-Sessional English
Credits Earned Towards Degree 9 6 0
Progression Requirements Not applicable – student is already enrolled in degree program. 3.0 GPA with no degree course grade lower than a B, successful completion of English language courses, Professional Development and Analytical Skills workshops, seminars and modules.

Students must take the GRE with minimum scores of:

Verbal: 150
Quantitative: 153
Composite: 305
Analytical Writing: 3.0And be accepted by a faculty thesis advisor after completing a faculty interview.*
Successful completion of all Pre-Sessional English Program course content and approval from the Master’s Accelerator team.

*Students pursuing an MS degree only

Total credits required for degree: 30

Tuition Costs

All prices are listed in U.S. dollars.

Direct Master’s Accelerator
1 semester
Advanced Master’s Accelerator
1 semester
Tuition Cost $14,488 $14,875
Global Carolina Fee1 $1,817 $1,625
Total Tuition Costs $16,305 $16,500
Note: Additional lab fees will apply for Direct Master’s Accelerator students based on actual courses taken.
Costs above are estimates per semester based on current tuition and fees and anticipated increases. Actual costs may vary and are subject to annual changes.
1 Global Carolina fee covers all fees assessed for students (including ISS, English testing, BM fees, tech, health center, etc.).


Enroll in the Pre-Sessional English Program. Classes are designed to improve students’ comprehension and ability to take rigorous academic courses in the English language.
Estimated tuition and fees: $6,500*
(based on a duration of 17 weeks)

*Pre-Sessional English Program is 8.5 weeks in the summer at a cost of $3,250.

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