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Major Spotlight: Computer Science

Everything you need to know about
Computer Science at the University of South Carolina

Why Computer Science? 

Software and computers have become universal in business, education and research settings. There is scarcely any area of human endeavor that does not use computers. The Computer Science curriculum at the University of South Carolina is designed to transform someone who has never programmed before into a professional developer and software expert. At USC, you’ll start learning programming and algorithmic design in your first class, CSCE 145. Many of the courses throughout the curriculum are project-based and emphasize the ability to get things done, rather than the ability to take and pass a test.


Did You Know? 

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Application Area and Electives 

Interested in video game design, data analysis or even bioinformatics? The Computer Science degree at USC lets you specialize in your chosen domain by requiring three classes from another major, as well as three elective courses from the College of Engineering and Computing (CEC) department. By choosing these six courses carefully, you can form a “cluster” of expertise which will give you an edge when finding employment in your chosen career field or practice. How does a “cluster” work? See some sample clusters below:

  • Game Design: CSCE classes in game development, computer graphics and artificial intelligence; also Media Arts classes in media culture, digital imaging and animation.
  • Data Science Data: Science CSCE classes in databases, big data analytics and Bayesian networks; also Statistics classes.
  • Bioinformatics: CSCE classes in bioinformatics algorithms, computer graphics and Bayesian networks; also Biology classes.


Fast Facts 

Over 1,100 Student attendance at the Fall 2016 Science, Engineering and Technology (S.E.T.) Fair
85% Number of students reported to be employed full-time or going into graduate or professional school (May 2015 graduation survey)
$62,000 Average full-time salary for CEC graduates (May 2015 graduation survey)


What is the Science, Engineering and Technology (S.E.T.) Fair? 

The S.E.T. Fair, which is held twice a year, is an opportunity for USC students and alumni to meet potential employers to discuss internship, co-op, part-time and full-time positions in the fields of science, engineering and technology. During the fall 2016 fair, over 100 employers registered and attended the fair, including multinational companies such as Boeing, BMW Manufacturing, Eaton, FUJIFILM, PepsiCo and more. Students even had the opportunity to schedule “Day After Job Fair” interviews on campus with select employers to interview for the positions the employers were looking to fill. To find out more information about the S.E.T. Fair at USC, click here.


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