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Major Spotlight: Computer Information Systems

Everything you need to know about Computer Information Systems (CIS) at the University of South Carolina

With an accreditation from the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET, the Computer Information Systems (CIS) degree is the intersection of people, technology and organizations. At the University of South Carolina, this major produces leaders who initiate, design and apply technology in organizations to transform business functions, produce innovative products and services and help manufacture, sell, service and promote those products and services.

Did You Know? Because every business needs CIS and information technology (IT) experts, students graduating from USC’s CIS degree program graduate with multiple job offers, earn high starting salaries and advance faster in their careers!

Why is CIS Unique?

All computing majors in the Computer Science and Engineering Department learn the programming skills necessary to become effective software developers. However, the CIS major is unique in that it requires:

  • A Business Information Management minor from the Darla Moore School of Business
  • Courses in cybersecurity, networking and data management
  • Practical business mathematics and statistics rather than science-focused calculus courses
  • Only two laboratory science courses

Why are CIS jobs amongst the best jobs? 

Computing jobs make up nine of the U.S. News 100 Best Jobs of 2014 (including the top two jobs!). The rankings illustrate that CIS careers offer the right mix of employment opportunity, good salary, manageable work-life balance and job security. The CIS-related jobs (with ranking and 2012 median salary) ranked in the U.S. News 100 Best Jobs of 2014 are:

  •   1.    Software Developer – $90,060
  •   2.    Computer Systems Analyst – $79,680
  •   9.    Web Developer – $62,500
  • 11.   Information Security Analyst – $86,170
  • 12.   Database Administrator – $77,080
  • 24.   IT Manager – $120,950
  • 30.   Computer Programmer – $74,280
  • 52.   Computer Systems Administrator – $72,560
  • 78.   Computer Support Specialist – $59,090

Looking for more detailed information about the Computer Information Systems (CIS) major at the University of South Carolina? Find it here!


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