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An International Freshman’s Guide to the Best Study Spots on Campus and in Columbia

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September is right around the corner and that means your freshman classes are in full swing. It may be scary to think , but if you haven’t started studying regularly, you should. Not to worry! Here is a full guide to the best secret study spots at USC and in Columbia!

Looking for caffeine at a cozy little place on campus? Cool Beans is for you.

Does the vibe of the library get you focused? Check out a private study room in Thomas Cooper.

Want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city streets? Go up to the School of Journalism rooftop.

Need a little time away from campus? Indah Coffee Co. is the coolest new spot in Columbia.

Prefer to be in the fresh air? It’s no secret, but the Horseshoe is always a win.

Now, it’s time to check these places out. Happy studying!

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