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Guide A Gamecock! Global Navigator Mentoring Program


Help Guide A Gamecock!

Do you remember your first day of college?  What if you could go back and mentor your younger self?

This year, through the Global Navigator Mentoring Program, incoming USC International Accelerator Program (IAP) students will video chat with mentors to help them start the transition to U.S. university life before they arrive on campus.  As a member of the Gamecock community, you have the power to provide a student with the tools and support needed to succeed from day one. Consider becoming a mentor today!

What:  Guide a Gamecock! Though the Global Navigator Mentoring Program, help incoming international IAP students start school with more confidence in class, with friends and in the Gamecock community.

How:  Online mentoring through a series of ‘ready-to-go’ video chat sessions

Commitment:  2-4 hours a month

As a mentor, you will:

  • Help a new international student feel at home on campus
  • Gain valuable leadership skills
  • Explore different cultures and ideas
  • Refine soft skills like communication, problem solving and teamwork
  • Earn credit towards a ‘Graduation with Leadership Distinction’

Make a positive difference in the life of an international student;
consider becoming a mentor today!

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