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Gamecock Student Organizations: The Carolina Gentlemen


After arriving on campus in August, USC International Accelerator Program student Yi Xin wanted to get involved immediately. After visiting the student organization fair, he auditioned for a role in the Carolina Gentlemen student organization and soon enough he was on his way to beatboxing alongside the organization’s a cappella singers.

2016-MS-78_137-X3-898095-edited.jpg USC IAP student Yi Xin (center) with USC President Harris Pastides (right) and First Lady, Patricia Moore-Pastides (left)

Name: Yi Xin
Home City and Country:  Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Year: Freshman
Major: Business
Student Organization Involvement:  The Carolina Gentlemen


Want to know more about this student organization? Read on to find out about the Carolina Gentlemen from the organization’s president, Andrew Kendrick.


What is the Carolina Gentlemen student organization? 

The Carolina Gentlemen is the only all-male a cappella group on campus at the University of South Carolina. They create music and perform with no accompaniment, only their voices.

How many events do the Carolina Gentlemen perform at each semester?

As a group, the Carolina Gentlemen only put on 1-2 concerts per semester. Every October we have our annual “Aca-tober fest” with all the a cappella groups on campus. Throughout the year we are also contacted by multiple members of the community, not just here in Columbia, South Carolina, but also around the state and even across other states in the Southeast United States. We’ve performed at President Pastides’ home as well as sorority chapter events. We even had the pleasure of performing at a private event in Greenville, South Carolina this past semester. We thoroughly enjoy traveling to other schools and performing with their a cappella groups as well (we have been able to go to the University of North Carolina and the University of Georgia among others).

How do students find out about joining your organization?

Usually students hear about us at the Student Organization fair held every August. That’s where we are able to reach out to potential new members and gauge their interest to see if they want to come out and audition.

What was it like having Yi Xin be involved in your organization?

It was so interesting having Xin in our organization. We loved listening to the many stories he had about China and seeing his interaction with his family and friends back home. He was able to quickly learn about many of the traditions around the university and our organization. For example, we have a dress code in the Carolina Gentlemen for performances and it was not one he was used to. Xin had to ask around and borrow clothes from group members in order to wear our attire of a blue blazer, white button down shirt, khaki pants and brown shoes.

One thing we noticed immediately about Xin was his ability to make friends with everyone he met. He became close with most everyone in the group very quickly and had a way of putting a smile on everyone’s face. Xin was a pleasure to have in the group. We value our ability to diversify the group and with Xin being the first international student we’ve had, it was a new experience that he made quite easy on us.


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