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Don’t Say Goodbye: Keeping in Touch With Your High School Friends


Going to college is challenging for many reasons: new classes, new professors, a new home, and new friends. Just because college is about meeting different people does not mean you have to leave your old friends back home. Here are some helpful tips for balancing your high school friends with your college ones.


  1. Make a group blog

In today’s modern world of texting, tweeting and posting statuses, it’s easy to learn what is going on in your friends’ lives, but you may miss out on the details. Set up a blog for your entire high school friend group so that each of you can post about all of the details in your life. Since deciding on a time for everyone to talk can be difficult with college schedules and time differences, a blog will also allow you to catch up on your friends’ happenings when it best suits your calendar.


  1. Talk to individual people in your friend group

Friends Selfies

Make sure that group chats aren’t the only types of communication you have with your friends. While they are useful in maintaining the dynamic of your friend group, it’s also important to talk to each friend one-on-one to stay connected while you are separated by long distances.


  1. Send care package

Care Package

Nothing says “friendship” like a heartfelt gift. Send a care package to each of your friends at home or at college with all of their favorite things – you just might get one back too!


  1. See your friends over school breaks and holidays

Hanging out with high school friends in college!








Whenever you and a friend are home at the same time, make an effort to see them. This will give you the opportunity to catch up on everything you couldn’t via technology and to continue creating memories together.


  1. Have your friends come visit or visit them

Visiting friends on campus

Even if you and your friends’ holiday schedules are not the same, make an effort to visit with your friends at one of your schools. If you are studying in a different country than them, have your friends come visit to spend time with you and experience the culture you are becoming a part of. Involving them in your new life will make sure that they are a part of it too.


  1. Introduce them to your college friends

Friends Together

Even if only via Skype or FaceTime, introduce your high school friends to your college friends. It will make them feel more connected to your new life and they may even become friends too!


  1. Allow change to happen

It is important to remember that staying in touch does not mean things will not change. Your friends are growing up and so are you – but you can still maintain an amazing friendship. Allow these changes to happen and you and your high school friends can continue to grow together.


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