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Dining at the University of South Carolina


Now that you’ve had a chance to settle in to your new life at the University of South Carolina, you’re probably starting to get familiar with the campus and where things are located. Russell House? Yeah, you’ve eaten there plenty of times. East Quad? Well of course you know where that is, you live there! Strom Thurmond Fitness & Wellness Center? How can you miss it?

But have you had time to visit all 30 of the different dining locations on campus? That’s right—there’s 30 of them!

Central Campus – In and around Russell House

  • Be sure to check out Mein Bowl for fresh Asian Fusion cuisine and Santorini’s for delicious Mediterranean options—both of which are in the Russell House!

East Campus – Near the International Accelerator Program’s office

  • Be sure to check out Colloquium Café where you can enjoy Starbucks coffee, a unique daily menu of healthy sandwiches, salads and fruit, and delicious and decadent desert options!

West Campus – Includes the side of campus with the Swearingen Engineering Center and the Moore School of Business

  • Be sure to check out the Global Café in the business building which offers authentic international cuisine from countries around the world, such as Brazil, South Africa and Greece!

South Campus – Includes Bate House Residence Hall near the Stone Soccer Stadium

  • Be sure to check out Bates Diner for a satisfying all-you-care-to-eat dining location!

Did you know that USC was selected as the 23rd best college for food in America in 2015 by The Daily Meal? Looks like you made a pretty good choice in coming to USC after all!

Looking to try more options? Check here for the full list.


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